DSI provides hydrodynamic and engineering services for coastal and harbor circulation, plume and industrial plant outfall/diffuser mixing and plume studies, shoreline protection, and navigation, DSI has demonstrated real-time hydrodynamic model development experience to assist in harbor and environmental management.

Hydrodynamic, sediment and environmental support services may be provided for:

  • Outfall impacts and design
  • Design of coastal structures for erosion control
  • Oil spill evaluation
  • Dredging evaluations
  • Shore protection
  • Wave impact studies
  • Coastal processes studies
  • Habitat suitability studies

Example Projects

Pearl Harbor Hydrodynamic Model (HI, USA)

DSI was contracted by Sea Engineering International (SEI) to develop an EFDC model to simulate the basic… Read more.

Sydney Harbor Real-time Hydrodynamic Model (Australia)

DSI was contracted by the University of Sydney to provide modeling support for provision of near… Read more.