Community Support

DSI takes seriously its responsibility to make a positive contribution to the larger community in which DSI operates. In Vietnam, DSI is undertaking a number of Community Support projects as well as offering technical expertise to the NGO community in water and public health related areas.

Lake Washington Real-time Model

DSI developed the Lake Washington Real-time Temperature as an example of a real-time data and modeling facility to serve the scientific community in Seattle, WA. The major goals of the model are to…

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Arsenic Sampling in Hanoi

The testing of drinking water in Hanoi is a community service project that DSI have been carrying out since 2009. The goals of this project are to…

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West Lake, Hanoi, Bathymetry Study

DSI conducted a study to obtain an accurate bathymetry study of West Lake in Hanoi. West Lake is located in the north west region of Hanoi’s old and just west of the Red River. Its water quality has been a historic issue and with the expansion of Hanoi, its quality and beauty will be under even more pressure…