About Us

DSI’s mission is to help our clients minimize and sustainably manage
their environmental impacts through sound science.

DSI’s mission is to help our clients minimize and sustainably manage their environmental impacts through sound science. We do this by providing expert professional services and software solutions for Water Management and Planning worldwide, while maintaining a positive impact on employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

Who We Are

DSI understands the ever-increasing stresses on our planet’s water resources and have the technical knowledge and comprehensive vision to help our clients minimize the impacts of their projects on this critical resource. As a leader in water resources engineering, planning, research, and software development DSI’s mission is devoted to client-focused solutions to water resources, water quality, hydropower, contaminated sediments, and groundwater issues.

Founded in the United States in 1999, with the purpose to offer an integrated, scientific approach to our clients, we continue to provide innovative solutions that minimize and sustainably manage environmental impacts by intersecting theory and practice through proprietary EEMS software. DSI supports public agencies, private companies, non-profits and universities through its headquarters in Edmonds, Washington as well as a second office in Hanoi, Vietnam.


  • Paul Craig, PE

    Chief Consultant & President

    With over 40 years of experience, Mr. Craig, a registered Professional Engineer, has successfully managed 100+ projects in hydrology, hydraulics, and environmental engineering. His expertise in various models, including EFDC and Delft3D, uniquely positions him to provide effective solutions for clients' hydrologic and hydraulic system challenges.

  • Tom Mathis

    Operations Manager

    With over a decade of experience, Mr. Mathis excels in team and relationship building for complex projects and employs advanced mechanistic models to analyze environmental processes. His expertise spans the evaluation of sediment and contaminants at CERCLA sites, leading to contributions in peer-reviewed articles, technical reports, and presentations, showcasing his capabilities in addressing chemical remediation, water quality, and reservoir management challenges.

  • Jeffrey Y. Jung, PhD

    Senior Water Resources Engineer

    Dr. Jung, a distinguished hydraulic engineer with a Ph.D. from Colorado State University, possesses 14 years of extensive expertise in hydraulics, sediment transport, computational modeling, and uncertainty analysis. His impactful contributions, including pioneering propeller wash-driven scour modeling and developing an uncertainty analysis framework for sediment transport models, have established him as a respected authority in hydraulic engineering.

  • Kester Scandrett

    Chief Representative, DSI Hanoi

    Having managed numerous engineering design analyses and water resource studies of many water systems, Mr. Scandrett brings a wealth of experience to each new project. He has successfully completed dozens of complex water quality and sediment transport studies in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries. His technical input and project management skills have supported numerous planning documents, feasibility studies, and design specifications.

  • Nelson Craig

    Product Manager

    Nelson Craig is an accomplished product manager with extensive technical expertise and a proven track record in developing web and desktop applications across diverse technologies, including Python, Node.js, Express, React, MongoDB, .NET Framework, and C#. In his role at DSI, he oversees the development of the Environmental Fluid Dynamic Code Plus (EFDC+) and EFDC+ Explorer Modeling System (EEMS).

Core Values