Morphological Studies

DSI provides for the study and analysis of morphology and sediment transport for a diverse range of projects. These include hydropower dams, coastal studies for port and harbor authorities, and complex river and delta system studies of both clean and contaminated sediment transport. DSI utilizes a range of 1D, 2D and 3D modeling tools for this purpose, including the EFDC+/EFDC+ Explorer modeling system, which has been developed to simulate a wide range of sediment transport scenarios.

At DSI we provide a broad range of services for Morphological Studies including:

Example Projects:

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Sediment Transport Modeling (CA, USA)

The Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta (Delta) is the largest estuary on the west coast and covers more than…

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Kotzebue Airport Expansion (AK, USA)

The Kotzebue Airport (OTZ) is currently in the process of conducting a Runway Safety Area Improvement Alternatives Study…

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