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EFDC+ is Now Open Source – Available on GitHub

In line with the DSI commitment to the Water Modeling Community, we are pleased to announce that the EFDC+ source code is now fully open-source and available online. This Fortran code is the complete MPI/OMP hybrid code and contains multiple enhancements as well as some critical bug fixes for the eutrophication module. We welcome cooperation…

Lake Washington Real-Time Portal Released

DSI recently developed a real-time model for Lake Washington, along with a public-access model portal. The portal allows users to view historical and current data on measured and simulated water levels, temperature, and velocity, presented in map view, time series, and vertical profiles. Users can also compare the data with the model and generate statistical measures…

EWRI 2021 Congress

DSI Senior Consultant, Paul Craig, made a presentation at the World Environment & Water Resources Conference on June 11. Mr. Craig spoke about the “Application of a Dynamically Coupled Near/Far Field Propeller Wash Scour Sediment Transport Model to Estimate Scour Around a Berthing Facility.” Over the years, several approaches have been developed to compute the…

EEMS10.3 Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of our flagship software, EFDC_Explorer Modeling System (EEMS). EEMS10.3 provides a fully integrated propwash module that predicts bottom velocities, bed shear and sediment resuspension using ship information, position, and speed that dynamically couples to the three-dimensional hydrodynamics of the waterbody. It also boasts a vastly refactored and enhanced eutrophication module…

Online EEMS Training – Now Available

Due to our in-person training being postponted this year, DSI has developed a free and comprehensive online training program.  This training is divided into different courses, numbered 100, 200, 300, with each level based on a user’s familiarity with EEMS. EEMS100 is now available and will introduce you to the basics of EFDC_Explorer software and help you…

Free Online HSPF Training

HSPF is one of the most widely used software packages for modeling hydrology and water quality in watersheds. Dr. Anurag Mishra has provided BASINS and HSPF training to multiple clients, professionals, students in the past 12 years. He has now made this online training available free on the DSI website here.

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020

DSI was at the Ocean Sciences Meeting from February 16th-21st 2020 in San Diego, California. This is the flagship conference for the ocean sciences and the larger ocean-connected community. DSI demonstrated our modeling tools, discussed your modeling problems, and provided advice and recommendations.

Calgary Water Quality Model Development

Matrix Solutions and DSI are partnering to develop the Bow River (City’s Reach) Water Quality Model Development using EFDC for the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The EFDC model (2D-3D) will help to understand the temporal, spatial water quality and environmental risks with better resolution and will seamlessly integrate into AEP’s model of the Bow…

American Water Resources Association Presentation

Paul Craig, President of DSI, gave a presentation on Habitat Modeling at a dinner meeting for the Washington Section. Mr Craig demonstrated tools for supporting efforts to mitigate the impact of human development on fish habitat through enhancements to the physical habitat such as changes in substrate type and flow patterns.

McClelland Lake Wetland Complex Study

DSI is supporting Suncor and Hatfield to develop an EFDC model that is integrated with a HydroGeoSphere ground water model of the McClelland Lake Wetland Complex in Alberta, Canada. The goal is to develop a surface water model to represent the transport and fate of WQ constituents along the fen and into the lake.