Sydney Harbor SHED Model carried out for University of Sydney in conjunction with CSIRO Australia

DSI is providing groundwater modeling for this large tungsten mine in Vietnam.

DSI provided extensive hydraulic and hydrodynamic consultant services for dams such as the NG Dam in Laos.

Still image from a 3D flyover developed for the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta sediment study.

Grid from close up view of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta hydrodynamics and sediment study undertaken by DSI.

PCB clean-up on Housatonic River in Pittsfield, MA, for which DSI carried out hydrodynamic modeling work.

Plan view of bathymetry from 3D hydrodynamic study Caloosahatchee Estuary using DSI’s EFDC_Explorer tool.

Locations of cross-sections for WQ study in Aricebo Estuary, Puerto Rico, using the 2D model, CE-QUAL W2.

From EIS on Kotzebue airport expansion for which DSI developed the hydrodynamic model.

DSI provides consulting services to hydro-projects such as this one in Laos for sediment and bed shear stress impacts.

Location map of reaches from water quality study of Perdido Bay, Florida.

Map of development in Danga Bay, Malaysia. DSI examined the hydraulic impacts of this project on the area including the Straits of Johor.

Stick plot showing wind directions and temperatures from a tool developed by DSI.

Screencapture of EFDC_Explorer8.1, the hydrodynamic, sediment, toxics and WQ modeling tool developed by DSI.

Sediment bed profile from Pa Vinh Hydro-dam in Vietnam.

Comparison of area extents of flooding for various release scenarios from hydro project in Laos.

Site Investigation at Bien Hoa Airbase, Vietnam, as part of dioxin transport investigation and modeling.

Dissolved oxygen levels in Klosterman Bayou from hydrodynamics and WQ model developed by DSI.

DSI worked with Sea Engineering to add wave linkage to this model of Ocean Pointe.

DSI team installing Meteorological monitoring station. DSI integrated telemetry systems for these stations for use in remote areas in Asia.

Barges twisted around piers in Belleville L&D for which DSI did a river velocity and outdraft analysis to determine cause of accident.

Deploying a River Ray ADCP for flow measurements to calibrate a Horizontal ADCP.

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