In order to provide a complete solution for our clients DSI has developed extensive experience in the field of data collection, processing, and analysis for data supporting hydrodynamic and water quality modeling studies. Our experience indicates that client decision making and model development are critically dependent on reliable and accurate data.

Data Collection

Flow and bathymetric studies using ADCP’s and other stream gaging techniques, Design and implementation of Horizontal ADCP systems for non-unique head/discharge relationship systems, e.g. tidally influence system or reservoir seiche. Installation and routine maintenance of automatic data logging systems for water level, water quality, and rainfall. Established meteorological stations for collection of wind speed, direction, humidity and atmospheric temperature. Side scan sonar for underwater investigations and mapping.

Telemetry Systems

For projects in remote areas or where time critical data is needed, DSI has designed, installed and maintained telemetry systems integrated with automatic data collection platforms. Recent installations have included GSM and Iridium Satellite systems for compiling data for rainfall, water level, groundwater levels and meteorological data. DSI has developed a commercially available Download Service Tool for automated downloading of the telemetric data from web servers and hosts for input into our DSI data management tools.

Data Management, Processing, and Reporting

In order to manage the field data efficiently, DSI has developed a comprehensive range of tools for data management and processing. These include:

Q_Tool – a time series/automatic data logger management tool to quickly and easily manage thousands to millions of records per station.

  • Rating curves/ to produce flow series.
  • Mapping and time series plotting tools
  • Data quality control/assurance

WQ_Tool – a discrete sample/analysis management tool to manage and report on data obtained from samples where each sample results in 1 to 1000’s of analytes per sample.

ADCP_Tool – a software developed for the processing Teledyne’s Winriver outputs. ADCP_Tool analyzes ADCP results from fixed stations or moving boat methods for:

  • Flow/velocity analysis and reporting with output to Tecplot and Excel,
  • Linkage to of ADCP data to 1D, 2D and 3D hydrodynamic models,
  • Turbulence analyses.

DTM_Tool has been developed for processing 2D and 3D spatial data, including bathymetric data for use in modeling tools.