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Consulting Services

DSI is an environmental science and engineering firm whose principals have over 30 years of experience in providing client focused solutions in water resources, water quality, hydropower, contaminated sediments and groundwater. With offices located in Asia and the United States, DSI offers our services on a worldwide basis. DSI understands how critical water and environmental policy/practice is to sustainable development and therefore assists in the development of integrated water/ environmental policy, regulation and capacity building internationally.

Through our integrated approach, DSI assists the Client in evaluating project risks, potential impacts and the likelihood of successful and sustainable implementation. We offer training programs, seminars, and workshops to assist our clients and partners in developing new skills related to the DSI developed programs and software.

The major services provided by DSI include

Water Resources

DSI provides an integrated understanding and approach to addressing the ever increasing stresses on our planet’s water resources. DSI provides engineering services and hydrologic, hydraulic and hydrodynamic modeling support to assist the Client in providing solutions that help optimize competing demands.
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Environmental Engineering

DSI provides solutions to support Environmental Management and Planning. DSI has experience in over 100 engineering and analysis projects covering a wide range of conditions and client needs.
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DSI provides comprehensive hydrologic, hydraulic, sediment transport, environmental and engineering services to meet our Client’s requirements. DSI engineers have experience in dozens of hydroelectric power projects in North America and Asia.
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Coastal Engineering

DSI provides hydrodynamic and engineering services for coastal and harbor circulation, plume and industrial plant outfall/diffuser mixing and plume studies, shoreline protection, and navigation, DSI has demonstrated real-time hydrodynamic model development experience to assist in harbor and environmental management.
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Morphological Studies

DSI provides for the study and analysis of morphology and sediment transport for a diverse range of projects. These include hydropower dams, coastal studies for port and harbor authorities, and complex river and delta system studies of both clean and contaminated sediment transport.
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Contaminated Sediments

DSI has extensive experience in the study and analysis of contaminated sediment fate and transport. Our expertise ranges from collection and analysis of field data, to data processing, the modeling of hydrodynamic systems for movement of PCBs, dioxins, herbicides and pesticides.
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DSI provides modeling and analysis of groundwater for a diverse range of projects. These include groundwater control and water supply for open pit and long-wall mining operations, nuclear and thermal power plants, and dams as well as groundwater contaminated with organic compounds, radionuclides and/or metals.
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Field Data Collection & Management

In order to provide a complete solution for our clients DSI has developed extensive experience in the field of data collection, processing, and analysis for data supporting hydrodynamic and water quality modeling studies. Our experience indicates that client decision making and model development are critically dependent on reliable and accurate data.
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Community Support

DSI takes seriously its responsibility to make a positive contribution to the larger community in which DSI operates. In Vietnam, DSI is undertaking a number of Community Support projects as well as offering technical expertise to the NGO community in water and public health related areas.
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