"DSI’s mission is to help our clients minimize and sustainably manage their environmental impacts through sound science. We do this by providing expert professional services and software solutions for Water Management and Planning worldwide, while maintaining a positive impact on employees, clients and other stakeholders."

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Who We Are

DSI understands the ever-increasing stresses on our planet’s water resources and have the technical knowledge and comprehensive vision to help our clients minimize the impacts of their projects on this critical resource.  As a leader in water resources engineering, planning, research, and software development DSI’s mission is devoted to client-focused solutions to water resources, water quality, hydropower, contaminated sediments, and groundwater issues.

Founded in the United States in 1999, with the purpose to offer an integrated, scientific approach to our clients, we continue to provide innovative solutions that minimize and sustainably manage environmental impacts by intersecting theory and practice through proprietary EEMS software. DSI supports public agencies, private companies, non-profits and universities through its headquarters in Edmonds, Washington as well as a second office in Hanoi, Vietnam.

What We Offer

DSI’s core values guide every plan, decision, and action we take. With integrityinnovationquality, and compassion in mind, DSI offers our clients the very best in:

  • Consulting services in the areas of water resources planning, flooding analysis and control, reservoir systems, groundwater flow, toxics transport, and water quality.
  • State-of-the art modeling software for hydrodynamics, sediment transport, toxics transport, eutrophication, and other dynamic water-related processes, as well as custom software to assist clients in solving specific engineering problems.
  • Support services, including training programs, seminars, and workshops to assist our clients and partners in developing new skills related to DSI-developed programs and software.

Core Values

Integrity – This primary core value guides our actions, interactions and reactions. We say what we do, and we do what we say. Our employee, customer; and business partner relationships mirror this central, unwavering value.

Innovation – This key characteristic defines DSI’s culture of creative problem-solving. We provide innovative and superior solutions when resolving clients’ issues. The continual commitment to improving our proprietary software tools, and in how we conduct our consulting work, exemplify DSI’s innovation in action.

Quality – At DSI, quality matters! From our highest quality software and services, clients and partners appreciate (and have grown to expect) consistent, top-tier outcomes. Exceeding expectations drives our referral-based success.

Compassion – DSI strives to be a caring and supportive workplace that extends to the employees and their families.

Job Opportunities

The DSI team is a diverse community built up on ingenuity, integrity and excellence. Together we pursue a vision of water resource engineering that serves communities across the globe. Our employees are pivotal to our success, and in turn the success of our clients. We continue to build our team with those who are willing to pursue sustainable solutions and offer care to our clients and our community. If you are interested in offering and furthering your skills through transformative work, please connect with us by submitting your resume and a cover letter to [email protected]. A current opportunity can be viewed here


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